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Why do I need a crown instead of a filling?

dental crown | houston txIf you've had dental fillings in the past, you might wonder why Dr. Bharwani or Dr. Le would recommend a crown for you. A dental crown is a restoration that is designed to replace your whole tooth structure, while still keeping your natural root intact. It fits over your remaining tooth and reaches to the gum line, which provides all the functionality you need for eating and chewing. 

We make our crowns out of ceramic porcelain, which is customized to match your teeth, so that your new restoration blends flawlessly with your smile. Porcelain also provides durability that will last for many years. 

Your Houston dentist will typically recommend a crown in these situations:

  • For a tooth treated with root canal therapy
  • When a large old restoration is broken and we can't restore it with a filling
  • For a tooth that has been decayed or fractured beyond what a filling can repair
  • A restoration for a dental implant

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