Children's Dentistry in Jersey Village

kids dentist in jersey villageOur team is excited to welcome our youngest patients to Pure Dental Studio! Our Jersey Village, TX 77065 dentist office is comfortable for families and children can have their first dentist visit at around two or three years old. By this time, little ones can sit in the dentist's chair while we check out their teeth and gums.

Our goal at Pure Dental Studio is to create positive experiences for children at an early age to ensure that they learn about the importance of their dental health and feel comfortable, welcome, and safe visiting the dentist in the future.

Making High-Quality Dentistry Accessible for All Children in the 77065 Area

We recommend that young patients visit our Houston dental office once every six months to monitor their dental growth and development and clean their teeth.

Our dentists are passionate about ensuring that high-quality dentistry is affordable and accessible for all patients, including children. We proudly accept all dental insurance plans, including CHiP, so that we can offer exceptional dental services to all children.

Protecting Your Child’s Oral Health

As your son or daughter gets older, our dentists may recommend some additional treatment to help strengthen and protect their teeth.

Fluoride is a mineral that helps developing teeth become stronger and also helps to rebuild enamel that has been damaged by bacteria and tooth decay. These treatments are quick and effective and can typically be incorporated during your child’s cleaning appointment, so they don’t require any extra time from your busy schedule.

Did you know that dental cavities are the number one chronic health concern for children? Dental sealants coat the surfaces of your little childrens dentist in jersey villageone’s teeth, protecting them from tooth-eroding acids. Sealants are an excellent preventive measure that can protect your child from the damage caused by cavities.

Does your child participate in sports? Did you know that nearly half of dental emergencies happen during sports? Is your son or daughter wearing the right protective gear for their teeth and mouth? If you’re not sure, your children’s dentist can help! Our dentists can recommend the best type of mouth guard for your child’s particular sport.

Convenient Orthodontic Treatment in Houston

When it’s time for your son or daughter to wear braces, you may spend a lot of time running around town for checkups to ensure their treatment is progressing correctly.

At Pure Dental Studio, we are happy to provide full comprehensive orthodontic treatment with Dr. Le so that your child can get the treatment they need all at the same place with the team they know and trust.

Contact Pure Dental Studio to schedule your family’s next dental appointments today.