Crowns & Bridges in Jersey Village

dental crowns | Pure Dental Studio | Houston, TXAt Pure Dental Studio, we focus on preventive care to help our patients avoid many dental concerns. However, even patients who are diligent about their dental health and their home care routines may still need a tooth restored. If that time comes for you, you can rest assured that our dentists use the finest materials and work with the best local lab technicians to create restorations that are both durable and designed to match your smile flawlessly.

Dental Crowns Restore Your Tooth and Your Smile

Your Houston dentist will recommend a dental crown for you when your tooth has been damaged or decayed past the point of what a filling can safely repair. A crown restores your entire tooth, while a filling can only repair a small portion of it. This makes a crown ideal for these situations:

  • A tooth with a large broken down filling that we can’t replace
  • To strengthen a tooth after root canal therapy
  • As a single tooth restoration for a dental implant
  • A tooth that is fractured or decay into the nerve

A crown can also be used for cosmetic purposes to cover an irregularly shaped or discolored tooth.

A Dental Bridge Replaces a Lost Tooth

A dental bridge replaces one or more adjacent teeth that are missing or failing. A bridge uses dental crowns that attach to your healthy teeth and support one or dental bridges | Pure Dental Studio | Houston, TXmore prosthetic teeth in between. With a bridge, you can chew effectively again while restoring your smile. The key to protecting the longevity of your bridge is to keep your anchor crowns clean and healthy with consistent brushing and flossing.

The Process for Completing a Dental Crown or Bridge

Whether you are getting a dental crown or bridge, the process is very similar. Your dentist will get your tooth ready for its new restoration and create a crown for you to wear while the lab creates your permanent crown or bridge.

It takes one to two weeks to complete your final restoration, and when it is ready, you’ll return to Pure Dental Studio so we can place it permanently. Our dentists will make any adjustments at this time to ensure that your bite is functioning correctly, and then you’ll be off to enjoy your newly restored smile!

If you’d like to learn more about the options for restoring your smile with a bridge or dental crown in Jersey Village, contact Pure Dental Studio to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists today.